Pedigree von:  Cian of Collieparadise

  * 31.12.2009  blue merle , MDR1 +/-, CEA non carrier

Great American Dreamboy of Charly Blaze
 * 08.06.2004
, CEA non carrier
Momo von der Hunsrückranch Simba von der Hunsrückranch
Luna vom Otterbach
Lup Alb's Double Darling Creations Coolman-Mica
Valiant All In Good Time
Entrance Blue Flower of Murphy`s Ranch
 * 07.01.2007
blue merle 
MDR1 +/+, CEA frei
Black Diamant from American Dream Blaze of Gold from the Beautiful Dream
Beatrix vom Oberwolkersdorfer-Land
Buffy from big American Dream A-Merlin of The Baby Boy
Camaro Blue Magic Diamond

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