Pedigree von:  Pride Conquerer of Murphy's Ranch

  * 22.09.2009  dark sable white , MDR1 +/+, CEA non carrier

Sun Stone of America
 * 18.05.2007
dark sable white 
MDR1 +/+, CEA non carrier
Angeldust Silver Bach's Code of Honor
Lakewoods Lady Ashley
Mind My Way of America Prince Memories of America
Shamont Walk My Way
TR's White Summer Dream
 * 19.05.2007
tricolor CHW (color headed white)
MDR1 +/+, CEA non carrier
TR's Bi The Sorcerer's Stone Apple Acres Expedition
TR's Grandgables Zulu Voodoo
TR's Forever In Blue Jeans Isabel Petey Cruiser
TR's In A Blue Moon

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